Two-Day Intensive Workshop

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Workshop – Day One:
Learn How To Write Your Book – $3500

.Why Write A Book In The First Place?
.Essential Market Research Before You Start
.How Long Does It Take To Write A Book?
.What Keeps Budding Authors From Writing?
.How To Identify The Book Inside Of You
.Book-Writing Essentials
.The Importance Of Scheduling Your 30 Day Prewriting Incubation Period
.The Value Of Sounding Board Advisors
.What To Wear When You Write
.Know Thy Reader
.How To Identify Your Energy Flow Direction
.How To Name Your Book
.Are You A Pantser Or Plotter?
.The Way To Let Your Inner Writing Voice Be Heard
.The Importance Of Beginning With The End In Mind
.When Your Writing Voice Starts Talking, Start Keying!
.Write The Way You Live Your Life
.How To Feed Your Inner Voice With Writing Prompts
.Two Ways To Stay Motivated To Write
.How To Keep Up Your Writing Stamina
.Key Ways For Dispelling Those Dirty Writing Doubts
.What To Do When Your Writing Engine Sputters
.Writing Fitness: How To Stir Up Your Imagination
.Why To Stop Writing While You Are Ahead
.How To Control Book Deadlines Rather Than Having Them Control You
.Six Things NOT To Do With Your Manuscript
.Your Name Or A Pen Name?
.The Five “If You Were To Write A Book” Questions To Ask Before Beginning To Write
.What Are You Waiting For? Start Writing Now!
.What To Include In Your Writing Pledge Of Allegiance
.Do Authors Write More Than One Book At A Time?
.What Makes Authors Write In More Than One Genre?
.Does Your Writing Voice Change When You Write In Different Genres?
.What Are The Benefits Of Writing In More Than One Genre?
.Fourteen Budding Author FAQs
.What Seasoned Authors Would Tell Their Younger Writing Selves

Workshop – Day Two:
Learn How To Get Your Book Published And Market It – $3500

.Your Manuscript Is Finished: Now What?
.Professional Or Friend: Getting Your Manuscript Edited
.Proposal Or Manuscript: What To Submit To A Publisher
.The Pros And Cons Of Working With A Literary Agent
.When You Choose To Submit Your Work Directly To A Publisher
.It Happened To Me And It Can Happen To You: How To Position Yourself So That A Publisher Contacts YOU!
.Traditional Publishing Book Contacts: Reading Between The Lines
.How To Condition Yourself To Take Rejection Professionally Rather Than Personally
.The Advantage of Self-Publishing Your Book
.What Is An ISBN And Where To Buy It
.Budding Authors Beware: How To Identify A Reputable Self-Publishing House
.Your Book Cover: Giving Your Book A Face That Will Sell
.The Investment You Should Expect To Make When Self-Publishing Your Book
.Self-Publishing Book Contracts: Learning To Read Between The Lines
.What Does Print On Demand Mean And How To Make It Work To Your Advantage
.Is Publishing A Digital Book Sufficient?
.What To Include In Your Book Description
.The Three Essential Factors To Prepare For Your Book To Be A Winner!
.Your Book Will Only Sell As Well As The Way You Promote It
.Purchase Domains Related To Your Book Topic That Will Draw Traffic To Your Book Website
.What To Include In Your Book Website
.Recognizing The Power Of Social Media As Your Best Friend
.The Importance Of Engaging With Your Fan Base
.How To Build Your Fan Base
.The Importance Of Encouraging Your Readers To Email You
.How To Create A Sense Of Connection Urgency Through Contests And Giveaways
.How To Create A Podcast Tour
.The Power Of Book Preorders
.The Importance Of Organizing A Book Launch Team
.The Power Of Your Email Lists
.The Four-Step Rule For Scheduling Book Signings
.Selling Your Book At Signings Is Essential, However The Relationships You Develop Is Essential To Your Book’s Success
.The Secret For Getting Bookstores To Stock Your Book When They Do Not Want To Schedule A Signing
.The Importance Of Book Reviews
.How To Monetize Your Book Writing Enterprise
.How To Pitch A Guest Post To Promote Your Book
.The Power Of BookBub
.How To Increase Your Ratings On Amazon

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