Write Your Book: Testimonials

Nasyim 2

“Ann Marie made me realize that if you talk, you can absolutely write a book! She helped me find the author from within and here I am now writing my first book because of her strategies.”
-Nasyim Segal, Founder
NeuroTransformational Leadership Coach

Carolann STL

“I’ve always wanted to write a book and Ann Marie changed all that. She taught me how to stop making excuses and finally start writing and now I am writing my own book. Ann Marie taught me the value of writing and if you have ever considered writing a book, Ann Marie is well worth the investment.”
-Carolann Iadarola, Owner and Blogger
Sassy Townhouse Living

Lydia Lambert

“Ann Marie was my muse. She not only helped give me the confidence and know-how to bring out the book in me, she taught me how to publish and market it. If you are looking for a “Make It Happen” person, Ann Marie is the one!”
-Lydia Lambert, author of Kissing Frogs

Rhonda Barnat

“In the space of just a few minutes, Ann Marie was able to impart not only practical suggestions for attracting a publisher -- and an audience -- but to do it in a way suffused with enthusiasm and a passion for inspiring others.“
-Rona Bell, author of crime fiction short stories


“As a writer who has struggled to get his young adult fantasy fiction book series published, I understand the peaks and valleys of the publishing business. A key element to success is having the right person in your corner. I was blessed to find that person in Ann Marie Sabath.”
-Dusty Fleischman, author of Seaside Journeys Book 1: Mystery of the Blue Cave

Lydia Lopez

“After my children’s book was published, I had no idea how to begin market- ing it. Thanks to Ann Marie I learned many ways for getting free press and also how to arrange book signings. Her recommendations put me on the right track and have been truly invaluable.”
-Lydia Lopez, author of Lolita’s Vacation

Malorie 2

“Ann Marie immediately heard the book inside of me. She just knew. Before meeting Ann Marie, I thought that writing a book was intimidat- ing. I had all this mental chatter: What if I get it wrong and how do I identify my reader? Ann Marie is the go-to person to help guide you through the book writing process, so writing a book is not overwhelming.”
-Malorie Tadimi, Business Coach, Strategist and Entrepreneur

Jordan Rich

“A great book for both the novice wordsmith to the accomplished novelist-to-be.”
-Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston Radio Personality