Who Believes In You More Than Anyone Else?

If you were asked, “who believes in you more than anyone else?” how would you respond? Would the person be one of your parents? A relative who has taken you under his wing? Or would it be your junior high school teacher whose words of encouragement still echo in your ears? While parents, relatives and…

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Create Your Success Road Map

Many people do not accomplish what they want. The reason? They treat life as a scavenger hunt rather than taking a proactive success approach by having a clearly defined goal. Whether it is a personal or professional goal for which you are striving to accomplish, it is essential that you think through it before committing it to…

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Are You A Budding Self-Made Millionaire?

I can tell you by the way you answer one question which is: “What is your five-year goal?” If you flounder when asked this question, you have not yet started your self-made millionaire journey. If, on the other hand, you can answer this question without hesitation, you have started on your path for success. One…

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