What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t

Title: What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t
Published by: Career Press
Release Date: May 21, 2018
Pages: 224
ISBN13: 978-1632651341
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Confucius said that a thousand-mile journey begins with one step. The same principle applies to becoming a self-made millionaire except this journey consists of 52 common sense practices.

Debt free or not, this book will assist you in recognizing that you are closer to becoming a self-made millionaire than you imagine.

You will be astonished to see how anyone can achieve this status when you create the right mindset. You will learn how white-collar professionals, blue-collar workers, small business owners, even teenagers alike have joined this million dollar net worth rank by methodically and consistently putting into practice the self-made millionaire game plan revealed in this book.

In What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don't, author, Ann Marie Sabath clearly explains why "beginning with the end in mind" is so vital for you to achieve your own millionaire status.  Sabath makes it easy for you to implement these simple yet often overlooked strategies by sharing an Action Step at the end of each section to integrate into your life that will assist you in mastering these self-made millionaire secrets.

What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don't will teach you:

  • The Real Definition of Success
  • How To Create A Self-Made Millionaire Mindset
  • The 25 Habits That These Accomplished Individuals Have In Common
  • What These Self-Made Go-Getters Do Differently Than The Average Joe
  • How Self-Made Millionaires Benefit From What Most People Call Failure
  • How Life Changes For Self-Made Millionaires After Achieving Their Goal
  • First-Hand Advice To Readers Who Are Ready To Begin Their Self-Made Millionaire Status
  • You Have Been Given The Fishing Rod- Now Go Fish


“While there’s no prescribed path to becoming a millionaire, this book is as close as it comes. With great detail, Ann Marie breaks down the commonalities, habits and secrets that distinguish successful people from the rest.”
Douglas A. Boneparth, CFP®, Co-Author, The Millennial Money Fix

“Ann Marie Sabath has entered a field crowded with ‘get rich quick’ books. What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t is the opposite — it’s a get rich slow book. Instead of grandiose claims, the author provides compelling stories and distills practical advice in short, easy-to-digest chapters. Whatever your goals, What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t can get you on a path that maximizes your chances of success, one step and one week at a time.”
Steve Bennett, Founder and Creative Director, AuthorBytes

“The author brilliantly breaks down how to achieve millionaire status into 52 enticingly achievable secrets. It led me to conclude that I could focus on mastering one of these secrets per week and in one-year’s time, be well on my way to greater success.”
David Kramer, Co-Author, The $500 Cup of Coffee: A Lifestyle Approach to Financial Independence



Becoming a self-made millionaire does not just happen. If it did, you would be one by now.

Individuals who have accomplished this wealth status begin with a different approach than most. They do what I call “reversal thinking.” They begin with the end in mind.

Step One: They CONCEIVE!

These individuals who create a millionaire mindset begin by defining exactly what they want in very specific terms. In other words, they CONCEIVE IT.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is!

Okay, let’s do a dry run: CONCEIVE what you want by putting “reversal thinking” into practice. Let’s say that you have conceived that you want to be a self-made millionaire. One step down with two to go!

Step Two: BELIEVE!

BELIEVE IT! Hmmmm. Do you REALLY believe that you can become a self-made millionaire? Seriously, do you?

Hopefully, these two questions: Do you really believe you can become a self-made millionaire? and Seriously, do you? made your convictions for wanting to be one even stronger.

If your mind was flooded with all of the reasons that you cannot become a millionaire, write down every single one of them now. “I can hardly make ends meet. I have a car payment, I have a house payment.....”

Now, take your written words of doubt and shred them, yes, tear them up with all your might. By doing so, you will be dispelling these doubts from your mind. Anytime a doubt creeps into your mind, repeat the process of writing it down and tearing it up!

Oh yes, rather than allowing yourself to be plagued with naysayers who tell you that your self-made millionaire goal is just “pie in the sky” thinking, keep your CONCEIVE and BELIEVE convictions to yourself. As you keep reading this book, you will learn how to replace these negative people with individuals who will root you on to achieving what you want. In fact, Secret 27: Surround Yourself With People You Want To Be Like and Secret 28: Find A Brain Trust Advisor will be instrumental in maintaining your self-made millionaire mindset.

Step Three: ACHIEVE!

Now write this down three times: I will ACHIEVE self-made millionaire status. I will ACHIEVE self-made millionaire status, I will ACHIEVE self-made millionaire status. Remember; keep believing it with all your heart! Put one of your I will achieve self-made millionaire status notes under your mattress, another in your wallet, the third one in the glove compartment of your car — virtually anywhere that no else is likely to look except you. Also, key one of them in the notes section of your smartphone.

You may now be asking: Fine, so I have Conceived that I will become a self-made millionaire. I am revved up and I do Believe that I can Achieve this wealth status. I have no clue, however, how I should go about doing it?

Please realize that it is not the answer that you are looking for. Simply ask the question first: How will I accomplish becoming a self-made millionaire? I promise that it WILL come to you. It may take a few weeks, a month, a year or even five years. Be patient and listen to yourself. The answer WILL come to you.

Guess what? You are on your way! As Napoleon Hill says, “What the mind conceives, and you believe, you WILL achieve.” I have successfully used this CBA (conceive, believe, achieve) strategy numerous times in my life for the past 40 years and I promise you that it DOES work.

Your self-made millionaire mindset will be based on what you keep between your ears: your thoughts. The 30 self-made millionaires in this book will show you through their first-hand experiences how they achieved this status.

As Andy Hidalgo, one of the self-made millionaires in this book says, “It WILL happen. You just have to want it.

Action Step: Put your millionaire mindset into practice by conceiving, believing and achieving what you want.