This week I would like to introduce you to Dusty Fleischman. Dusty is a prolific writer of books for young adults.

When he shared the manuscript of his newly-released book, Seaside Journeys – Book 1 with me, I could not put it down. Hope you enjoy reading about what prompted this individual to bring out the book in him.

What was your inspiration for writing Seaside Journey’s Book 1: Mystery of the Blue Cave?

I grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and have always liked the fantasy adventure genre. I also love pirate history and I’m a big fan of the movies, The Goonies and The Monster Squad. So, I took inspiration from all those things and combined them into one series and that is how Seaside Journey’s came to be.

And the impetus for writing a book for kids in grade levels 5-12?

I was looking for a different type of audience then what I had been writing for. I still wanted to do fantasy fiction, but on a different level. Writing young adult fiction just seemed like a natural progression for me.

Are there people in your life who inspired you to create one or more of the book’s characters?

Actually, there are a few, the character Kevin Prowse’s last name is the real-life name of actor David Prowse, who played one of my favorite screen characters, Darth Vader. I am a huge Star Wars nerd. Also, the character Mei Li was inspired by one of my favorite onscreen character, “Short Round” from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Her feisty personality was based on that style of character. I also made it a point to give many of the preliminary characters names that were “sea” related. They all have names that are fish or nautical in nature. That was done by design.

Did you test your book by having kids read it?

I did not on this one but will be going forward with other book ventures.

Did you ever have any dirty doubts about this project becoming a reality? If so, how did you dispel them from your mind?

To be truthful, I did not have any doubts about this particular book. I knew that this would be accessible to a broader audience and if properly marketed it will find its place in the young adult writing genre.

Now, I have had doubts on books in the past, but I just kept telling myself that when publishers and agents say no, they are just one person in a world full of other markets. I could not let the word NO stop me from achieving my goals. As a writer, you have to be mentally prepared for rejection. It is inevitable. There is not a writer in the world who has not been told no. You just have to keep pushing and you will find your way. Online self-publishing with companies like Amazon make things a little easier to get published but can be more challenging when it comes to marketing. You just have to roll the dice and play the game.


Did you self-publish your book or was it traditionally published?

I self-published using Amazon. I did pitch the book to several traditional publishers, but they weren’t interested, their loss. I like what Amazon had to offer and the work they are doing is revolutionizing the industry. I actually encourage young writers to try that path of publishing. You won’t get rich quick, but your work will get out there and you can make a name for yourself.

What advice do you have for budding authors?

Simple. Keep writing and keep going forward. Don’t get discouraged. If you can write a book, you have talent, because it is not easy to do. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into writing a book so don’t give up on it. There are many paths you can take. Keep moving forward!


About Dusty Fleischman

Dusty’s primary passion is writing. In addition to the Seaside Journey’s book series, Dusty is also writing a second series called, Mayhem Manor which is scheduled to be released in 2020. Dusty’s passion and strong work ethic does not stop him from spending time with his family and friends who have been very supportive of him as he has made his journey towards publication. Dusty knows how strong a good support system is and he credits them for helping him stay focused and positive, even in the face of rejection. Writing has been and always will be a big part of Dusty’s life and he believes that he is an example of how hard work and determination can lead any aspiring writer to success.




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