If you have read my 10th book, you know that I encourage writers to get involved in at least one creative activity a week. I also make a point of practicing what I preach.

Let me tell you about my creative activity: Last evening, I saw The Independents, (theindependentsplay.com) a New York must-see premiere which opened on October 17 at the Jerry Orbach Theater. It is about the relationship between the American artist, Mary Cassatt and the French Impressionist, Edgar Degas. The two actors, Natasha Babic and André Herzegovitch did a great job playing the roles of these two Impressionists.

The added bonus for me was what happened at intermission after striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to me. I quickly learned that this woman by the name of Marlene is not only an artist and a musician; she also is the spouse of Christopher Ward, the playwright of The Independents!

If you read Christopher Ward’s background, you will see that he is a writer/director whose work has been seen on HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Amazon, MTV, CBS, PBS, and CNBC. Let me tell you how this incredibly talented and humble individual got the idea for The Independents. He and Marlene were at a Degas-Cassatt exhibit at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. in 2014. As Christopher was looking at both of these artists’ works side by side, he acknowledged that Mary Cassatt was indeed Degas’ equal. And that was the “aha” moment that inspired him to write The Independents.

Please recognize that your inspiration for bringing out that book or perhaps even a play will happen when you least expect it! Simply stay curious and get involved in at least one new activity a week. Then watch what happens…

Oh yes, did I tell you that I loved this play so much that I am giving two tickets away in our Friday, October 25 drawing? If you live in NYC or will be visiting the city before Sunday, November 10 and would like to be part of the drawing, send your name and e-mail address to annmarie@annmariesabath.com! The winner will be on October 25.

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