What is the book inside of you?

When I ask people what the book is inside of them, they often tell me about the book they are reading. They do not realize that I am asking them about the idea or story inside of them that they may someday turn into a book.

I especially love asking strangers, “What is the book inside of you?” Oftentimes, they actually blurt out the answer! Apparently, writing a book has been in the forefront of their minds for some time which tells me they are only a few steps away from making it a reality.

Finally, there is that third group of people who answer the question, “So, what is the book inside of you?” with “I’d have to give that some thought.” My elevator script response to them is, “It’s not the answer; it’s the question. Everybody has a book inside of them.”

When we have a chance encounter, how are YOU going to answer that question? And if you say, “I’ve already written a book,” you will not be off the hook. My question to you will be, “What are you doing each and every day to market your book?” Are you telling 10 people about it daily? Are you posting something about your book on your social media sites? Are you doing presentations around your topic?

So when we meet on the street, at an airport, via email or on social media, I look forward to hearing your response! And if you are ready to be proactive, check out my At Your Own Pace 90-Minute Online Program.

Whether you are getting ready to Write, Publish or Market Your Book, I promise to be with you the entire way. Why not follow Mikey’s advice, “Try it; you’ll like it!

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