First impressions do make a difference – – and that includes the first impression you have of a book based on its cover. What attracted YOU to the book you are reading? What about the one you just finished?

Studies have shown that there are four areas which influence readers to either open a book or to select a competing one in the same genre. The next time you choose a book – or perhaps even author one, keep the below tips in mind:

1 – The Endorsement

One sure-fire way to attract readers is for a well-known person to endorse a book. When designing the cover for my 10th book, Everybody Has A Book Inside Of Them, I asked Julius Jones, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints to endorse it.


2 – The Author

One secret of successful authors is to build a reader-following. If you have chosen a book for that reason, the author has accomplished his/her mission! And if you are an author and have built a fan base, my hat goes off to you! Your name is an important part of the book’s selling point and should stand out on the cover.


3 – The Cover Design

If you are reading a mystery, was there a vague, shadowy cover image that subconsciously attracted you to the book? Perhaps you are reading a romance. Did the cover have an image that sparked your imagination?


4 – The Title And Subtitle

Is the book title you are reading a communication teaser? Did the title tell you what the book was about without even reading the first page?


When I chose the title for my ninth book, What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t, I wanted to let readers know what they were getting in one sentence. When creating the subtitle, “52 Ways for Creating Your Own Success,” I intentionally choose the number, “52.” I wanted readers to see that achieving this seven-figure status is a process that can be incorporated into their lives on a weekly basis.

What motivated you to choose the book you are reading? Send me your response by Wednesday, October 30 to be entered in the drawing to win the autographed photo of Julius Jones. Simply email me at

Oh yes, when you are ready to write, publish and/or market your book, I look forward to assisting you through the At Your Own Pace Program.

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