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Archive for October 2019

Perseverance Pays Off!

If someone were to ask you about your most recent accomplishment, what would it be? The new job you landed? The last promotion you earned? The student debt that you paid off early? The money you diligently saved for the down payment on your home? No matter what your latest accomplishment, I am sure that…

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Great Ideas Happen When You Least Expect It

If you have read my 10th book, you know that I encourage writers to get involved in at least one creative activity a week. I also make a point of practicing what I preach. Let me tell you about my creative activity: Last evening, I saw The Independents, ( a New York must-see premiere which opened on…

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How Will You Answer This Question?

What is the book inside of you? When I ask people what the book is inside of them, they often tell me about the book they are reading. They do not realize that I am asking them about the idea or story inside of them that they may someday turn into a book. I especially…

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