This week, I would like to introduce you to KJ Waters, a real go-getter author!

KJ has a time travel book series to include Stealing Time and Shattering Time. After you learn more about KJ in the below interview, you may want to join her 46,000 social media followers who are on countdown for Killing Time. This third book in her series will be released during Summer 2020.

One of my personal passions is to learn what inspired established authors to write their books in the first place. I am confident that you will enjoy learning what motivated KJ Waters to write her books as much as I did!  By the way, I hope that KJ Waters’ words will get your writing motor revved for bringing out that book in you!

And away we go….

How old were you when you discovered that you wanted to be a writer? 

I was in my thirties when I realized that I wanted to take a crack at being a novelist. I’d already been writing for years, but only for my job in marketing.

What kind of books have you read related to time travel? How did you decide to incorporate that concept in your soon-to-be released book? 

I discovered the Outlander series on tape at the library and was instantly hooked. Years later I read that Diana Gabaldon wrote scenes for her book and later pieced them together. It sounded so delightfully unstructured and that sewed the seed for writing my Stealing Time series. I also loved the Back to the Future movies when I was a kid with the incredible potential for plot twists and changes in your future. The TV series in the ’90s, Quantum Leap, was a factor as well.

What do you enjoy reading in your spare time? 

I don’t have a lot of spare time, but now I try to stay away from time travel stories. I have been told my books are breathtakingly original and I want to keep it that way. I’m afraid too many other writers’ ideas may roll around in my head and infect my stories. Instead, I really love thrillers, historical fiction, and non-fiction, especially if I’m learning about a new time period to write about.

I love that you talk about your hidden room – your mind… how often do you write? Daily? 

I write 3 or 4 times a week if I’m being good. That usually happens during the school year when my kids are occupied with learning. During the summer months, I fall off that schedule. We do take really long car trips and I take full advantage of that time in the car when my husband is driving and the kids are just chilling. This past summer we drove through 17 states heading back east to my family and I began writing a new series.

Do you sit in the same place when you write or are you a nomad writer? 

I used to be a wanderer where my best writing happened in the same Starbucks, but often it was a very distracting place with music, other people in and out and my people watching would take over.

Two summers ago, I removed all the toys my kids had outgrown from the basement (believe me it was ridiculous) and set up my writing cave. It has been the perfect place to do client work (I have an author consulting business) and write. I find that my brain is ready to work when I sit down first thing in the morning because everything is right where I need it, and it can settle into the task.

Do you have anyone read your manuscript as you are in the creation process? 

Not until I have a decent draft. I’m about to pitch an agent and I’ve written the first five chapters of a new series. I’ve shared it with a few close friends and sent it along to my editor for a reader edit for story line issues and big-picture guidance. But NOBODY sees my first draft. I can hardly stand to look at it.

So, my dear readers, do you see what I mean? KJ Waters is much more than a terrific writer! This down-to-earth imaginative writer has many balls in the air. She juggles being a Mom, a spouse, runs her consultancy business and yes – – is in the midst of writing her Summer 2020 release, Killing Time!

What are you waiting for? Timing is everything – – reserve an hour a day to start bringing out the book in you.

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I promise to be with you the entire way!


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