Are you one of the 300 individuals I need to thank?

Since we have launched site on September 10th, 300 budding and existing authors have registered for our At Your Own Pace Program. If you were one of them, a special thanks for allowing me to help to bring out the book in you.

One hundred of our At Your Own Pace: Write Your Book Program registrants had a book idea, yet didn’t know where to start. That was until they pressed “Register” for the At Your Own Pace: Write Your Book Program. These individuals are in midst of their 30-day incubation period and will officially begin writing their books in October.

Amazingly, 150 of the 300 registrants have already written their manuscripts yet did not know how to turn them into a book. Is this describing you? If so, I am happy that you chose to invest a mere $95 in my At Your Own Pace: Publish Your Book Program. Many naive budding authors waste thousands of dollars to get their books published by scam publishers. As an established author, I am glad that you wanted to “own” your manuscript’s future by figuring out how to pitch your book to a traditional publisher or even to self-publish it.

Finally, 50 of our At Your Own Pace registrants already have published their books and have made them available on,, and/or They recognized that getting the word out about their books takes much more than writing a blog, doing a podcast, etc. Fifteen of the 50 author registrants have emailed me to share that they have already seen their book sales increase! You ask how? They implemented several of the 36 steps from my At Your Own Pace: Market Your Book Program!

So, if you are ready and willing to put your write, publish and/or market your book muscle into practice, I have the answers for you. And they are in six 15-minute online sessions that you can watch – – you guessed it – – at your own pace!

I look forward to assisting you in making your book a success – no matter where you are in the process!

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