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Archive for September 2019

What Better Than To Get Into An Author’s Mind….

This week, I would like to introduce you to KJ Waters, a real go-getter author! KJ has a time travel book series to include Stealing Time and Shattering Time. After you learn more about KJ in the below interview, you may want to join her 46,000 social media followers who are on countdown for Killing Time.…

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Are You One Of The 300 Individuals I Need To Thank?

Are you one of the 300 individuals I need to thank? Since we have launched site on September 10th, 300 budding and existing authors have registered for our At Your Own Pace Program. If you were one of them, a special thanks for allowing me to help to bring out the book in you.…

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Where Are You In The Book Writing Process?

If you have already finished writing your book manuscript, congratulations. What an accomplishment! While I don’t want to burst your bubble, however you are only 33% of the way to earning your stripes! Here are the next two steps for becoming a successful author: The second step for transitioning from the manuscript stage to getting your…

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Write Like You Talk

This past weekend, I spoke with John Costello, the author of Executive Hoodlum. He shared that an entertainment company bought the film/TV rights to his book. He is too close to his own success, however, to even recognize that he’s a great writer! It didn’t take me long to figure out the secret to John’s…

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