Hello, friends. Mozart and I are headed to Seattle to do a book signing today at the Barnes & Noble on Northgate Way.  Three other Barnes & Noble stores in Seattle, Bellevue and Issaquah have made What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t available for their customers. As a small way of extending my appreciation, I am heading to each of the three stores to meet their team and sign the books that they have in stock.

I just want to share how honored I am to be part of Barnes & Noble teams throughout the country. I value them and consider them “the aunts and uncles” of my ninth book. If you or someone you know live in Seattle or its surrounding areas, I welcome you to pick up a copy.

I must tell you that when I share my business card with Uber Drivers, TSA employees, Delta gate agents and the Sky Club team, it is refreshing to learn how many of them document their personal goals. The reason that I am so impressed is because studies have shown that a mere three percent of individuals actually put their intentions in writing. A special congratulations to them. And for those who I have met who have not, I hope our few minutes of conversation will assist you in beginning your self-made millionaire journey by putting what you want in writing.

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